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Undergraduate Education at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) is a promising, innovative, and inspiring experience. The faculty members and staffs are striving to work hard to provide our undergraduate students with the carefully designed curricula and courses. There are also many opportunities for students to network, experience, andlearn in a multi-disciplinary environment. As this site introduces the students’ needs to achieve success during their study at BJUT, we encourage you to explore it for information about academic support services, as well as opportunities for undergraduate research, service, and personal growth.

Office of Undergraduate Education (orAcademic Affairs Office) is an academic administrative unit that provides leadership and coordination for University-wide programs and initiatives insupport of undergraduate teaching and learning at BJUT. The goal of the officeis to work closely with faculty and colleges to create vibrant and stimulating environments for learning both inside and outside the classroom. We are alsoworking hard to provide students with various avenues for learning through research and practice as BJUT becomes a research-oriented university. Such efforts include special academic programs for students, international education opportunities, freshmen seminar series, engineering master forums, etc.

Priorities for Undergraduate Education include:

1.     Exercising service to course enrollment and registration,classroom scheduling, exam arrangement across the campus.

2.     Maintaining records for student academic status andprogress towards graduation and degree requirements.

3.     Providing leadership to integrate and coordinate curricular offerings across campuses and colleges.

4.     Creating and establishing engineering training opportunities and bases for undergraduate students.

5.     Expanding learning opportunities that facilitate application and integration of academic knowledge including undergraduate research and nation-wide competitions.

6.     Collaborating across the University to enhance the first-year student experience.

7.     Expanding assessment of educational outcomes.

8.     Promoting quality and consistency of academic service and advising.

9.     Coordinating and increasing opportunities for e-learning.

10.  Encouraging and coordinating University-wide research inteaching and learning in higher educations.

11.  Facilitate teaching advancement and engineering training opportunities for faculty members through the operation of University Centerfor Teaching Excellence.

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